Harsh Environments


2D’s 888 RFID inlay series combines practicality, endurance and performance

Industrial spaces create some of the harshest environmental circumstances in the world for RFID devices, thus 2D has developed a niche line of products specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of such extreme conditions. Our custom-made, industrial RFID tags have successfully tackled chemical environments, high-temperature environments and impact-prone environments, been as successfully applied in underground and pipeline environments and have withstood high-interference zones and areas high in humidity.

Our company is experienced in developing harsh environment RFID solutions from scratch for our partners and we have by now employed successfully UV-stabilized plastics, custom laminations, impact-resistant rubber and a host of other highly durable materials. We have proficiently inserted industrial RFID tags in everything from foam to double adhesive coatings and aluminum.

Once our clients give us their environmental parameters, 2D sets out to identify the materials that will withstand them. We then make sure our solution is compatible with our RFID tag and there’s as little interference as possible between it and the materials employed – we guarantee both the industrial tag’s readability and the range at which it is being read and deal with all thickness limitations in between. 2D offers further customization by developing print-compatible solutions at the client’s demand. We have also proven our capacity to adapt our handheld and static RFID tag readers, as well as our RFID reading software, to specific conditions in the field.

Several of our company’s projects required us to develop harsh environment RFID solutions that dealt with interference, be it intended, as in the case of physical and digital tampering, or accidental, as in the case of airwaves jamming caused by radio frequency pollution. We firmly keep ahead of the curve by deploying the very best encryption and signal noise-counters for our partners.

Over time, we have created an edge for ourselves through our long-term presence in both the industrial labels & die-cuts sector and in RFID logistics and we have now distilled our know-how into state-of-the-art industrial RFID solutions that combine practicality, endurance and performance, such as our 888 RFID inlay series.

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