Assets Tracking


Our company provides its partners with complete RFID solutions, leading to streamlined operations, optimized stock monitoring and the elimination of errors

One of the most widespread automatic identification and data capture technologies, radio-frequency identification has become an integral part of almost all vertical production chains in the past few years and now commands a market generating well over USD 10 billion in revenue yearly.

Collecting and sending information via radio waves independent of line of sight, RFID logistic labels allow for flexible RFID Asset Tracking systems that monitor each RFID asset through shipping, delivery and retail.

2D offers complete RFID solutions – RFID readers, RFID encoders, RFID printers and RFID software – to its partners, allowing them to streamline operations by following RFID assets in real time, to control stocks without gaps in activity and without employing additional human resources, and to limit the frequency and scope of asset-management errors.

Our New Product Introduction (NPI) department provides our clients with all the necessary data and expertise required to make informed decisions based on their sector of activity, logistical organization, budget and expectations. We emphasize our ability to offer them a range of RFID readers and printers and to work together to embed RFID tags in ways that won’t affect the products’ viability or design.

Enchanted objects in logistics management, the RFID tags themselves consist, at their most basic, of an integrated circuit and an antenna. These are folded into a protective material that shields them from tampering and the environment. 2D offers both passive RFID tags, which are powered up by the RFID reader and are smaller, thus cheaper, and active RFID tags, which may transmit data continuously by being connected to an on-board power supply.

The RFID Asset Tracking sector deals in the most straightforward RFID products, employing standard materials in terms of adhesives, top-coat and print. The assets are not exposed to external factors, are used in-doors and are not subjected to processes involving high temperatures or chemicals.

Over the past few years, our company has provided RFID solutions not only for asset tracking, but for inventory management, personnel access tracking within facilities, restricted area access control, ID badging, supply chain management and counterfeit prevention. We are now leveraging our RFID logistics expertise to expand our foothold in the industry and we are thus keen to further take on demanding, highly customizable projects.


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