ESD Labels


Our labels meet the highest ESD regulatory standards

Electro-static discharges (ESD) are prone to affect electronic devices even during or post very low voltage events, from 100+ V onwards. If a human being is unable to feel any such occurrence below 2500 V, electronic devices are apt to suffer either immediate or latent damage, a very costly mishap for manufacturers. The ESD Association affirms that 6.5% of annual losses occur as a result of ESD events leading to product failure.

While the cost is highest when inflicted through said latent damage, which usually manifests itself during customer use, attention is now pored-over preventable ESD events. Many of these stem from induced charges created by auxiliaries such as labels, that is, the items protecting conductive contacts by seeking to prevent them from being harmed by a different category of processes, such as soldering. Because these induced charges are unable to the escape to the ground, they have become known as static charges and static-dissipative ESD labels and tapes have been employed as a counter.

Acting as regulatory measures, three standards have been created, namely ANSI/ESD S20.20, IEC 61340 – the international counterpart of the former – and the JEDEC JESD625B. These demand that total voltages on ESD labels and ESD tapes be under 250 V at their worst, as well as request that the static dissipative range be within >104 and <1011 Ohms.

Combined with other preventative measures, such as grounding workers, using grounded and static dissipative work surfaces, installing ionizers to reduce accumulated charges in our air etc., these standards do a good job of curbing losses and showing the way forward.

In compliance, 2D has developed a range of anti-static labels, anti-static tags and anti-static films with static dissipative top surfaces and low-charging, pressure sensitive adhesives and liners. These items generate less than 120 V both when repositioned, as well as when the liners are done away with. Moreover, 2D took the further step to offer lead-free options to its clients.

Aside from labels, tags and films with anti-static properties, we provide our clients with comprehensive ESD caution labels, ESD Warning labels and anti-static caution labels, made from long-lasting materials and high-performing adhesives conceived to affix themselves onto any type of substrate.

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