Automotive Safety
& Warning


Our long-lasting solutions allow you lower safety stocks and decrease your downtime

Printing the very best quality labels and benefiting from a keen understanding of the ins and outs of the car industry, 2D is a solid partner throughout the vehicle engineering process.

Both logistics and 24/7, bleeding edge assembly processes may be crippled by faults in labeling, which have the potential to affect the entire automotive supply chain, from OEM and sub-tier supplier production to warehousing, transportation, distribution and retail.
With years of experience in working with the entire range of players involved in the just-in-time delivery system around which the industry revolves and having a perfect understanding of the huge stakes entailed by the adoption of dual supply models for all parts of a vehicle, 2D works hard to help reduce safety stocks and minimize all the risks inherent in its clients’ operations, from downtime to recalls, through the eminent accuracy and sterling durability of its products.

From less visible identification labeling to safety and warning prints, we have mastered the approximately one square meter of labels present in a vehicle nowadays.
2D makes prints for the vehicle’s interior (sensors, airbags, seatbelts, capacity and rating labels), exterior (windshield decals), electronic, electric (fuses, wires, cables) and under-the-hood components (identifying car battery, oil and other fluid containers, instructions, warnings and specifications), as well as for the vehicle’s braking and steering systems.

We develop long lasting solutions for perfect legibility under the severe conditions to which automotive labels are exposed, from extreme temperature variations, UV deterioration, moisture and salt spray to abrasion, aggressive gasoline, engine and cleaning fluids, and for the exigencies of adhering to rough, textile or low energy plastic surfaces.
Moreover, we are able to provide labels secure against removal, designed to leave highly visible and indelible indicators behind in case of tampering with the print.

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