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Our company’s thermal solutions for electronic devices employ world-class heat conductive materials in a broad range of configurations

Heat management in electronic circuitry and devices is a task we have continuously focused on for years as we climbed our way to the position of a reliable partner in the field. 2D’s thermal solutions for electronic devices employ world-class thermally conductive materials in a broad range of configurations.

Completing our portfolio of insulative and protective solutions, 2D’s thermal conductive pads furnish a reliable path for the transfer of heat between heat sinks and spreaders and the electronic devices serviced by the former.

An alternative to thermal grease, thermal conductive pads ensure complete wet out while providing a good shock dampening cushion. Adept at filling air gaps and providing padding against abrasive surfaces, our pads’ geometries are designed to conform to all types of jagged and irregular surfaces. Based in many cases on silicone, we want to stress that our thermal conductive pads may be also provided in silicone-free versions.

In order to provide a good substitute to ceramics and mica insulators, which are rigid and brittle, we are now providing high-quality SIL pads made of silicone rubber, fiberglass or films made of polyester or polyimide. These pads use an elastomeric binder reinforced by a thermally conductive filler coated on the carrier material. Being resistant to electrical shorting, achieving solid thermal performance, being less costly than ceramics, benefiting from a highly customizable interface and being overall cleaner products, our SIL pads have allowed us to easily meet the increasingly sophisticated demands for better thermally conductive insulation of our partners.

Our clients’ focus on producing more and more compact electronic devices led us to solutions which reduce product weight and eliminate fasteners entirely. In this context, we have settled on thermally conductive adhesives as one of the most versatile and efficient forms of mechanical attachment available. Be these liquid, tape or film, our range of thermally conductive adhesive products create strong bonds while attenuating the thermal strain caused by CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) inconsistencies between layers.

To note that, given the above-mentioned drive towards miniaturization, effective heat dissipation solutions will play an ever more critical role in the success of electronic products and 2D is currently investing in the expansion of its own thermally conductive products range while we seek to consolidate ourselves as a long-term strategic option for our partners.

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