We provide RFID on metal tagging solutions fully customized to the target environment’s demands

Designed to overcome the problems plaguing most RFID tags near metal, RFID on metal tags have a broad range of applications in the most sensitive industrial sectors, such as healthcare, oil and gas pipelines, aeronautics, vehicles tracking identification, IT and arms manufacturing.

Two of the most common problems facing RFID metal solutions consist of the metal’s capacity to reflect the radio-frequency identification signal emitted by RFID readers and detune the RFID tag, cascading into an array of unintended effects such as phantom readings and limited reading range. Currently, we solve these problems by employing antennas designed to use the reflection and interference to compensate for and even increase signal strength.

In this process, we make use of the best RFID on metal tags developed in the past few years. These may be placed into three categories.

RFID hard tags are most often affixed with magnetic screws, but also with rivets or adhesive strips; plastic casings allow them to withstand the harshest outdoor environments.

RFID embedded tags are actually inserted in the RFID-tracked asset, remaining invisible yet legible by RFID readers; very efficiently molded into the surface during production, these RFID tags may also be inserted into dedicated spaces at a later time by sealing them with epoxy or similar materials.

Lastly, printable RFID metal tags have been developed, adhesive allowing them to attach to the metal surface directly. Their advantage, aside from cost, comes from their paper face-stock, which may display product information or brand logos; when they include a barcode, the RFID tag is classed as a smart label.

Further, our company offers fully customized solutions in terms of shape, size, materials and inlays depending on the targeted environment and our clients’ demands and we have already built a proven track record recommending us for our flexibility and practicality. Two examples when one will do. We are currently providing one of our partners with RFID tags for its toolboxes – each component within the toolbox is RFID metal tagged so that the engineers may simply scan the toolbox and read its full RFID asset inventory before departing for their vital repairs tasks. As part of the second, larger project, 2D has developed an RFID metal tags solution to allow for the tracking of metal objects as they enter or exit facilities – in this case, we are employing an RFID-capable gate with a range of 15 meters, which scans whole trucks full of RFID-tagged metal implements.

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