Tamper evident
& sealing


Our labels safeguard your hard work from being counterfeited or tampered with

Designed to complement security packaging measures, tamper evident labels and sealing labels seek to deter relabeling and ensure confidentiality. Containing highly nuanced and data-rich identification markers, these security labels further allow users to authenticate products, RFID and NFC labels being only the latest to consolidate this trend among manufacturers.

Split principally between destructible labels (labels which either rip irremediably when an attempt is made to remove them due to thinness or labels which delaminate) and void labels (labels whose top-coated polyester films leave behind an indelible VOID pattern), these categories have grown to contain a wide variety of very particular options, from ultra-destructible face materials to underlying checkerboards. Indeed, the latter, which our company have employed extensively and successfully for years, are but one option among a glut of pressure sensitive labels, films, shrink sleeves and all manner of printable security labels that have come to the fore to serve an increasingly sophisticated market.

Due to their multiple purposes, fully customized printing and serialization is a must, and 2D benefits from an enviable expertise in this regard. Our experience-tested know-how has allowed us to secure partners in the Electronics and Medical industries, Pharma and competitive sports (in which case, we currently furnish tamper evident labels to a worldwide producer of urine drug test kits). Our solutions alter texts, patterns, colors and logos without diminishing the quality of or impairing the product from accomplishing its primary task.

A stand-out problem the labels industry addresses through such products is drug counterfeiting, which manipulates and counterfeits medicines, imperiling the patients’ future and hurting the standing of businesses. The 2011/62/EU European Union directive prohibits, through Article 54, “falsified medicines” from entering the legal market and our clients are required, as of this very February 2019, to make sure the drugs’ outer packaging fully reveals all tampering.

2D takes pride in being perfectly positioned to offer them a complete range of services, including holographic foils, that take care of this issue as comprehensively and as definitively as technologically possible.

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