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Our PCB labels satisfy the most exacting requirements

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have long been a mainstay in consumer electronic products, automotive systems, medical instruments, telecommunications and computer ware, as well as industrial, military and aerospace engineering. As we move forward, their increasingly intricate design demands ever harsher chemical agents and rough cleaning processes to meet the requirements of surface-mount technologies (SMT).

Our own polyimide tapes and polymide labels come into play before the PCBA process begins, when they are affixed to the raw boards. Because during PCBA the pH values of chemicals and the temperatures are rising, while pressure and water volumes keep growing, we had to come up with cost-effective answers in order to ensure the full traceability of PCB materials and resulting high temperature-manufactured, labeled items. As a direct consequence, 2D has ended up developing an extensive portfolio of polyimide labeling solutions, each targeting very specific application requirements.

Our company thus employs polyimide materials, to create several combinations of face stocks, adhesives and liners. The resulting range of PCB labels and PCB tapes is highly resistant to a variety of flux and wave solder environments, as well as high heat and corrosive and caustic solvents. It is this tailor-made approach which allows our clients to make cost-effective decisions involving our polymide labels and tapes without sacrificing quality.
Besides immunity to repeated chemical wash cycles, PCB labels must satisfy the most exacting size requirements. 2D’s know-how translates into die cutting polyimide materials down to dimensions of 3×3 mm to serve as matrix polyimide barcode labels. Our miniature labels are thus placed at a level of competitiveness which few high temperature-label manufacturers are able to match.

We have also launched a number of color-coded PCB polyimide labels to assist QA operators during the identification and tracking process. 2D provides further customization by crafting polyimide tapes and polyimide labels for top-side, bottom-side and post-process identification. Moreover, we offer polyimide labels which are printable through thermal transfer.

The latter is particularly made possible through certain of our brand-specific labels, which are thermal transfer-capable polyimide labels adept at emerging unscathed and fully legible out of both lead and lead-free reflow assembly processes. Molding perfectly to PCBs, these resilient polyimide labels do not shrink, curl or detach through cooling and allow very high resolution printing.

We want to note that, ever since its founding, 2Dsolutions has particularly targeted the Electronics and Automotive industries. Our company has developed valuable expertise and long-lasting partnerships through the attention we have paid to the fragile just-in-time delivery systems employed in both fields. The flexible on-site traceability solutions for PCBs and Electronic Components that we have perfected have secured our constant growth and we take pride in our proven track record.

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