Cryogenic labels


Our labels remain attached and legible well below -180° Celsius

With the advent of commercial cryogenics in the 1960s, its industrial applications expanded exponentially over the following decades. Cryogenic milling, tempering, drug production, the handling of cryogenic fuels, are all areas that provide particular tracking and management challenges for cryogenics labels makers.

Moreover, biological materials such as foods, vaccines and patient samples, while technically merely frozen in most cases – strictly speaking, cryogenics involves temperatures below -180° Celsius, the boiling point of permanent gases – rely on their own types of so-called cryogenic labels to secure full traceability in fields where errors in identifying products are extremely consequential.

Working with companies spanning the entire cryogenics spectrum, in particular bio-pharma research laboratories, bio-repositories and cell banks active in virology, DNA sequencing, genetics, forensics and blood testing, 2Dsolutions has built up a thorough expertise covering both cryogenics proper (lower than -180° Celsius) and every other stage of cold storage technology. Our company has successfully tackled all challenges, including adhering its low temperature laboratory labels directly to containers frozen below -70° Celsius, a requirement for maintaining frozen blood, plasma and semen donations in perfect conditions.

Our cryogenic labels are highly customizable and ensure the traceability and visibility of all recipients, from microplates and cell culture plates to freezer boxes and plastic bags, including test tubes and very small vials. Proper adherence to the same vials’ high-curvature frames is guaranteed, as well as to silicone coatings. Highly chemically-resistant, our company’s cryogenic labels will maintain perfect legibility when exposed to harsh solvents such as acetone, dimethyl sulfoxide or toluene, liquid gases such as deep freeze nitrogen and vapor phase nitrogen, as well as pressure chambers such as autoclaves. All our low temperature laboratory labels are designed to withstand a large number of freezing and thawing cycles.

We employ polyolefins, polyethylenes, polypropylenes and imaged ceramic materials to make sure our cryogenic labels apply to everything from plastic to glass and that we are able to deliver pre-printed, print-on-demand or on-site laser-marked labels. We are able to print employing various methods, though we must note that most cryogenic labels require thermal transfer printing, an area where our expertise in matching materials, ribbons and printers allows us to proceed with utmost confidence.

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