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2D provides a plethora of warehouse item identification and tracking options

In the age of just-in-time delivery systems and of a glut of warehouse management best practices guides, logistics have never been more minutely and competitively optimized. 2D understands both the stress and advantages generated by proper warehouse management and meets its clients halfway by devising its own customized solutions to their logistical problems. These include a plethora of warehouse item identification and tracking options, from thermal transfer and direct thermal labels to the latest electromagnetic monitoring methods which store information electronically.

To take only the past few years, our company has finalized a number of projects hinging on high quality, passive and active RFID tag systems in various sectors of industry, from Retail to Automotive. This has allowed our clients to majorly optimize processing by automatically uploading and downloading data concerning the handling of the RFID-tagged product, with the added benefits of drastically reducing the number of allocated personnel and almost eliminating the possibility of human error.

We have further provided a range of other Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS), from basic auto-adhesive labels to retro-reflective and magnetic ones, satisfying very particular demands and customization plans. Among them, we offer the option of having thermally printed labels, a long term solution where a high-quality image is transferred from the ribbon onto the end-surface. The best alternative for labels that must last the product’s lifetime, for fine prints and high density barcodes, it incurs additional production costs by requiring ribbons. With a good track record against bad weather and chemical interactions, thermally printed labels are mostly applied on paper, foil or film.

To better accommodate our partners’ drive for cost optimization, we are also providing direct thermal labels upon request. These labels require no ribbons to produce, leading to somewhat lower costs and eliminating supply and storage concerns. Direct thermal technologies merely generate heat which, upon certain types of paper, reacts to create easily discernible imprints. In cases of high turnover shipping, and there are many such, this solution is not only cheaper, but optimal.

In both cases described above, our label design remains highly flexible, allowing clients to print information at the time of their choosing on our partially pre-printed labeling solutions.

Lastly, we want to stress that our experts are at the service of our partners when on-the-ground assessments for the suitability of labeling plans are deemed necessary.

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