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We fully protect your circuit boards through the entire manufacturing process

Following the development of its traceability-focused PCB labels 2Dsolutions has doubled down on its commitment towards the electronics industry by designing a large range of protective masking labels meant to cover delicate circuit boards during the harshest manufacturing processes such as wave soldering and hot air leveling. Similarly based on polyimides, these Polyimide Masking Dot films may be removed without consequences, being engineered to leave no residue.
In a bid to increase efficiency, our company offers masking tape solutions that may be automatically applied during manufacturing by label feeders.

Based on the success of such surface protection tapes, 2D has expanded further into the production of masking labels that provide electrical insulation and thermal insulation, as well as secure components against damage during processes such as high temperature powder coating, electrogalvanizing and hot dip galvanizing. Resilience to such high heat manufacturing operations entails the production of masking tapes that remain unscathed at temperatures of over 200° Celsius, both in terms of their integrity and the strength of their adherence. The same requirements concerning lack of residue upon removal are fulfilled.

Working on a case by case basis, we have created a plethora of customization options beyond shapes and sizes, further developing our competitive advantage to allow for selective adhesives, lamination and label printing so as to permit the naked eye to easily make the distinction between auto-adhesive and non-adhesive areas.

Given the harsh manufacturing contexts, we guarantee the viability of our masking tapes against the chemicals employed during and post-production.

Our company’s polyimide masking tapes not only peel away cleanly, but are an extremely cost-effective alternative with no downsides in terms of protective quality.

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