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2D provides highly reliable, low-cost, multi-purpose answers to all disruptions produced by the rapid development of wireless technology

While mobile wireless communications can be said to have registered their largest growth spurt yet in the past decade, the forecast for the next 15 years continues to point to exponential hikes throughout. Consequently, combating electromagnetic pollution will require ever-increasing resources and a proper understanding of the challenges of EMI/RFI shielding.

The functioning of electronic devices and electrical cables is most often disrupted by the rapidly changing signals of electrical circuits which, either through conduction or radiation, cause their improper coupling. This process is known as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and, when limited to radio waves, it is called radio-frequency interference (RFI).

These interferences may be intentionally induced, yet jamming is illegal and sparsely employed outside actual electronic warfare. Unfortunately, expanding levels of unintentional noise – either narrowband (produced during the purposeful transmition of data by dedicated devices)  or broadband (generated by the mere functioning of circuitry) – also lead to the increasing degradation of planned operational performance of electronics.

Passive EMI/RFI shielding seeks to both reflect and absorb this interference. Electromagnectic waves are, at first, partially reflected due to the various differences in conductivity and permeability between the shield and the air. Thus attenuated, interferences then attempt to travel through the material, and it is here where absorbtion kicks in, successive layers of EMI/RFI shielding being able to exponentially diminish radiation through the so-called skin effect.


Operating in a market expected to reach USD 9 billion by 2024, 2D has already cultivated an expertise and strong partnerships in the field of EMI/RFI shielding. We provide highly reliable, low-cost, multi-purpose answers to all disruptions produced by the rapid development of wireless technology.

The multi-purpose part of our solutions is perhaps best exemplified by our conductive O-rings, which create a seal capable of shielding an electronic device from an external EMI/RFI field, are able to prevent contact between the exterior and the device’s own magnetic field and safeguard said device from environmental factors.

Performing a similar role, our conductive elastomers are compressed between a metal housing and lid, constituting effective gaskets.

We offer additional gasketing systems designed for EMI/RFI shielding through our fabric-over-foam gaskets and multi-purpose fabric over foam strips consisting of conductive fabric or metal foils attached to high quality foams.

Furthermore, given that conductive cushion pads offer solid EMI shielding for non-metal surfaces such as plastics used in the production of cell phones, tablets and other consumer electronics, as well as industrial, medical and aerospace & military devices, our company has now developed several reliable nickel and copper solutions to service our clients in these fields.

Another solution based on conductive adhesive, 2D’s aluminum or copper shielding tapes are a similarly multi-purpose answer granting resistance to chemicals, humidity and weather, as well as acting as a flame retardant.


Lastly, we want to note that we are in the process of further expanding our range of products to better service the growing demand for EMI/RFI shields driven by the explosion in usage of EMI-vulnerable devices in the Automotive and IoT fields. Our company is thus open to the development of highly customized solutions at the request of and in close partnership with our clients.

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